Back in the Saddle

Took about a ten months to years break in Yoga. The tear in rotary cuff was not fun and last October through November I could barely use the arm in Yoga. I did not want to go the surgery route so I rested the arm. Feels good now and picking things back up. Still pretty … Continue reading

What not to eat on a Yoga break

Needed a break. Knee was hurting dog’s were lonely had a host of things to do. Eating alone and having time. Well going to Denny’s is a bad idea. Taking my daughter and her friends out for doughnuts is also not a good idea when you eat yourself a half dozen.  You know the dangers … Continue reading

Day 1, Challenge 30 days Hot Yoga

Went to sleep knowing as soon as I would wake up I had to get moving to make it to the studio to be on time. Woke up: First thoughts: Maybe I can go to a later class. Maybe I could start off with a easier class. Not much of a mental fight it was … Continue reading

30 Day Challenge

                Used to be super fit.  From biking to running. Eased up too much. Always some excuse prevents or stops me from reestablishing a routine. Money, health, work, family.  Breaking my leg taking my daughter sledding stacks up there with any redneck saying of “hey watch this”. That … Continue reading

Kiln Move

Two weekends of the move. We hope to have it up in running in a couple of months or less. There is always a joker in the crowd… My arms, my legs, my back and my butt are stiff and sore. I would do this again in a heartbeat. This was a killer work out.