All that work for ………..

Just did the cholesterol and BMI challenge here at work. A bunch of numbers that give giant disappointment. Consider I work out 4 to 6 days week 2 to 4 hours a day. I admit I do eat some non healthy food but…. I have not had dairy products in over year ( cheese etc … Continue reading

Day 7, take back 3 which would have made it Day 10

Energy: Tons of energy today, endurance is also better but not where I want it to be. Back on the wagon from two days off. So this was day seven in 10 days. Jackie had our class today. Jackie is super tough but I’m really starting to like her. That style of hers grows on … Continue reading

Stop, Snow Day or Two

Well 8 to 20 inches is expected. So when I woke up I just packed and drove to a hotel near work and checked into the room work got me for the next two days. No Yoga, No 30 challenge . Less than a week weather has dropped kicked my challenge goal twice. Pictures for … Continue reading

Day6, day with my Daughter

Well day 6 was with my daughter which no matter is a good day. She went with me to Hot Yoga which I have no complaints about. I have been on her to do something physical for some time. This yoga would not be everyday for her and NOT AT SCHOOL. She is very down … Continue reading

Day 4, hríđ (snowstorm)

Grrrrr Yoga Fix they closed after only 15 inches of snow. City is a bunch of wimps. I ‘m at work now and 90% did not make it in. So already I have broken my 30 days on day 4. Tight did some stretches to decompress lower back. Going to go back in a bit … Continue reading