Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino Results

Needs more flux…… Just needs 1% to 3% flux I think. More uniform results. Shino – Cone 10 Reduction Soda Ash 7.25% G200 Feldspar 35.5% Spodumene 32.25% Silica 2.5% EPK 14.5% OM4 8% Advertisements

Witch’s Croc

Always get a few bisque pieces in where I can play with glazes in an experimenting way. Here I was playing with carbon trapping. I’m very happy with the results.

Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino

Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino Guerrero’s is a potter who posted this recipe. He has some wonderful work and I’m trying to reproduce some of his wonderful results. He just needs to be more creative with the names of his brews, so I took the liberty and made this name for it. At least a … Continue reading

Results of the New Mix of Guerrero’s Red Shino

Starting a new batch of Shino. Guerrero’s Red Shino Soda 9.88 G200 44.45 Spodumene 37 Bentonite 2.5 EPK 15 OM$ 12 I will say here everything was perfect or as good as it gets. Just the right amount of water, perfect mix. Very happy here. Took me about 6 hours to make the batch and … Continue reading

Wine Glass Bases

Simple buy a wine glasses, break their stems and with some epoxy cement the glass bowl on the ceramic base. Holiday gift for some people. Here are some bases. Shino Malcom’s Another shino with some good carbon trapping. Meh Meh Shino with a good crawl ( some people like it, depending on where it is … Continue reading

The Week:

You ever think once you started to work with the system than against the system that life would be at a steady pace? Instead of an ever increasing tempo? This week work is good. I will be going on a cruise this winter. My company gives out awards and I have been lucky enough to … Continue reading

For My Kitchen

Shino Lamp Bowls Now ready to go above my Kitchen Island. What is the correct word? Pendant lighting?

Tea Pot

Functional: I heard from someone who did their internship of ceramics in Japan that besides beautiful it must also be functional. Yet in the States a piece is built for display rather than function. A teapot is meant to be functional not to be placed upon the wall. Yet I went ahead and got this … Continue reading

Ahem No Idea awhat to Title this…..

I have no clue what to write about. I can blather about a lot. Here are something’s I did this weekend. This I hope will fire correctly in the Kiln. Complex as to what I want crawl and deep carbon trapping. However the crawl I want to be in a central area. We will see … Continue reading

Utter Frustration

I have a high stress job. I do not talk about out of sight out of mind when off of work.  I throw clay for fun and as a method of relaxing.   I like the glaze and like to experiment and dabble. My problem is the kiln. Nothing is constant about it. Nothing what … Continue reading