Weekend Madness: Day 11 and 12

Really it is just Sunday madness which started as soon as I awoke. All those things you plan for in life or avoid or don’t want to think about. Yes those fun things happened. Friends of my mother missed her for the Sunday ritual of walking at the mall. Eventually I got the word, to … Continue reading

Day 4, hríđ (snowstorm)

Grrrrr Yoga Fix they closed after only 15 inches of snow. City is a bunch of wimps. I ‘m at work now and 90% did not make it in. So already I have broken my 30 days on day 4. Tight did some stretches to decompress lower back. Going to go back in a bit … Continue reading

Bombadil new to the Family

We adopted another. This boy is not shy in anyway shape or form. Elmindreada and him hit it off right away. They run and run and wear themselves out. Then they sleep He is sexy and he knows it. Loves toys.

Elmindreada and the Wheel

I had a great time this weekend throwing. loyal company throwing. Spent most of the weekend alone waiting to unload the kiln. Time to listen to music throw, trim and glaze and then some more time. Elmindreada and the Wheel , a photo by *Skeggjold* on Flickr.


Elmindreada, a photo by *Skeggjold* on Flickr. Was sound asleep like this. After only a hour or so at the park.