Bikram Hot Yoga Clearing the Air

I do swear by the style. I do not doubt the benefits from Hot Bikram Yoga. Bikram or Hot yoga has done wonders for me. Agility, stamina, vitality,  my endurance is better now than it ever was. My skin, my weight my breath is even pleasurable. I give credit to this style and Iyengar Yoga.  However there … Continue reading

Work in Progress

The Kindness Blog

Everyone should have this blog on their list.

Tibetan Monks WorkShop

A clay guild benefit workshop for the Tibetan Monks monastery. Butter sculpture demonstration. Okay first I had about 20 min notice of this. So I just grab a camera ( forgot my good lenses and all but it is what I had ). Kind of weird when two worlds collide unexpectedly. The Buddhist community only … Continue reading

Amen feel Good Story of the Month

Amen to a wonderful story. BIFF, BAM ZOOWEE! #SFBatKid Saves Gotham City!!!…Update: Penguin Has Kidnapped SF Giants Mascot! Help Him, #BatKid!…Update: Bat Kid Rescues The Seal!…Update: Bat Kid Gets Key To City And Our Gratitude! – Miles isn’t flying solo though, as The Dark Knight often tends to. He’s joined by adult Batman and over … Continue reading

Relationship Acceptance

In reality the definition of the word is not so glamorous or beneficial. The true definition is simple exhaustion and or abject surrender. The realization of that is curiously haunting. Under no circumstances can you relate that or inform the other side of the relationship that you have come to acceptance.  Otherwise the pyrrhic flames will just burn hotter. … Continue reading


The river of yesterday is not the same as the river of today. The river of this moment is not going to be the same as the river of the next moment. So does life. It changes continuously, becomes something or the other from moment to moment. Saying that and reading that are one thing. … Continue reading


Only if it could prevent it. If someone told me that when the rage is consuming me they might get hit.         Had a terrible weekend only myself to blame. Can not undo what is done. Shame sucks, but only sucks because it is deserved.

Rough Week and Then

Was a rough week starting with last Friday each day more mirth bounds forward. Today these pictures show what happens to a Scion in the middle of 6 car pileup. Not mine but it is the significant others. No injuries to speak of. Maybe a little sore in the morning. One bad sign is the … Continue reading

MOORE, Okla. tornado,

I thought I would share these pictures. I had to wait till this afternoon about 20 hours after the storm to find out that who I knew was okay. The first picture is from another friend of the twister the day before about an hour away from Moore OK. He and his people are okay … Continue reading