Bikram Hot Yoga Clearing the Air

I do swear by the style. I do not doubt the benefits from Hot Bikram Yoga. Bikram or Hot yoga has done wonders for me. Agility, stamina, vitality,  my endurance is better now than it ever was. My skin, my weight my breath is even pleasurable. I give credit to this style and Iyengar Yoga.  However there … Continue reading

Back in the Saddle

Took about a ten months to years break in Yoga. The tear in rotary cuff was not fun and last October through November I could barely use the arm in Yoga. I did not want to go the surgery route so I rested the arm. Feels good now and picking things back up. Still pretty … Continue reading

Day 5, The Russians are coming

Little more endurance this time, little more as in a shot glass little. Was in a pose and I hear Shagane coming up right behind me saying with that thick Russian accent “The Russians are coming” reaching to me to correct a pose. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a pose while … Continue reading

Day 4, I hurt

Going to hit 7 days. Then diet ( which is already changing a bit ) but I want to drop some pounds in a major way. Not that I fat I’m just vain as hell. New teacher,Jackie (machine gun) Oh my wow. She kicked my …., I needed to go home and hide. No she … Continue reading

Day 2

Not much sleep thanks to the phone, but I still made it to class. Strange Day: I will explain at the end. Before class I was pretty tight could feel it just after I awoke. Back, legs, chest, arms etc… New day meant a new teacher of which I could not find a picture of … Continue reading

Day 1, Challenge 30 days Hot Yoga

Went to sleep knowing as soon as I would wake up I had to get moving to make it to the studio to be on time. Woke up: First thoughts: Maybe I can go to a later class. Maybe I could start off with a easier class. Not much of a mental fight it was … Continue reading