Very Slow week

Slow week. This is a lot better than VB code. Advertisements

All is Lost no Hope for Humanity

Without words. Still haunted by the question do I really want to see this? Will those few seconds of comic glory be worth 90 minutes of my life? Is this trailer enough to quench my thirst?

Valentine’s Day We all need to Laugh

V-Day gone Bad

“O Canada”

For all of my Canadian friends this post is for you. Few times are we blessed with a “Rock Star” of comedy Gold. Most of the time in fact 99% of the time you are talking about someone in office down in the states. Well this time we get to talk about someone up north. … Continue reading

Weekend Madness: Day 11 and 12

Really it is just Sunday madness which started as soon as I awoke. All those things you plan for in life or avoid or don’t want to think about. Yes those fun things happened. Friends of my mother missed her for the Sunday ritual of walking at the mall. Eventually I got the word, to … Continue reading

The Butter Dance

I get emails with those silly links or crude jokes. I don’t want this blog to turn into something silly. BUT This one email has had me in a giggle fit all day. Truly bizarre but worthy of exploitation.