Day6, day with my Daughter

Well day 6 was with my daughter which no matter is a good day. She went with me to Hot Yoga which I have no complaints about. I have been on her to do something physical for some time. This yoga would not be everyday for her and NOT AT SCHOOL. She is very down … Continue reading

Day 4, hríđ (snowstorm)

Grrrrr Yoga Fix they closed after only 15 inches of snow. City is a bunch of wimps. I ‘m at work now and 90% did not make it in. So already I have broken my 30 days on day 4. Tight did some stretches to decompress lower back. Going to go back in a bit … Continue reading

Kind of sorta back

Have not been active posting for bit now. This year last was rough my mind was occupied and very confronted. My Grandmother, my godmother and my father passed. Then when I thought I was pretty much invulnerable to more dismay my daughter found ways to keep me off balance, befuddled, baffled and forlorn of comfort. … Continue reading