Tibetan Monks WorkShop

A clay guild benefit workshop for the Tibetan Monks monastery. Butter sculpture demonstration. Okay first I had about 20 min notice of this. So I just grab a camera ( forgot my good lenses and all but it is what I had ). Kind of weird when two worlds collide unexpectedly. The Buddhist community only … Continue reading

Kind of sorta back

Have not been active posting for bit now. This year last was rough my mind was occupied and very confronted. My Grandmother, my godmother and my father passed. Then when I thought I was pretty much invulnerable to more dismay my daughter found ways to keep me off balance, befuddled, baffled and forlorn of comfort. … Continue reading

Turner’s Beauty

Turner’s Beauty G-200 Feldspar 32 Spodumene 21.3 Whiting 2.1 Kaolin 21.3 Dolomite 23.4 Tin Oxide 6.4 This is very similar to yellow salt. Except the colour is peachy orange instead of yellow. This pictures do not capture that. It will be darker depending on the darkness of the clay. You can see the iron pull … Continue reading

Handbuilding with the Flu

At home sick. Some hand building greenware. Well have them bisque and glazed here in a week or two. Box of goodies