Kiss your Heritage Goodbye

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Coolbanagher Castle via Google Street Veiw Please forgive me for this post as I may rant quite a bit. Words cannot describe how angry this has made me. On 24th Febuary 2014 after suffering damage during a storm 10 days earlier, Coolbanagher Castle  an early Medieval Tower Hall, built…

Whoever Said That All Bikers Are Bad?

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There is a negative stigma that is attached to most motorcycle gangs. Many people consider these riders as crude, unthoughtful, vulgar, callous, tough and generally greedy individuals. So, when I found this little “photo story” I thought that it would be a beautiful story to share. I hope it…

Very Slow week

Slow week. This is a lot better than VB code.

Walking Dead

I know I can not handle another episode like last night. All day I still can not purge my mind from last nights show. No it is not a good thing. Way too much realistic drama….

All is Lost no Hope for Humanity

Without words. Still haunted by the question do I really want to see this? Will those few seconds of comic glory be worth 90 minutes of my life? Is this trailer enough to quench my thirst?

The Kindness Blog

Everyone should have this blog on their list.

Valentine’s Day We all need to Laugh

V-Day gone Bad

All that work for ………..

Just did the cholesterol and BMI challenge here at work. A bunch of numbers that give giant disappointment. Consider I work out 4 to 6 days week 2 to 4 hours a day. I admit I do eat some non healthy food but…. I have not had dairy products in over year ( cheese etc … Continue reading

Posting to Post

Nothing new just enjoying everyones blog. Lazy here… Hope to pick back up next week.