All that work for ………..

Just did the cholesterol and BMI challenge here at work. A bunch of numbers that give giant disappointment. Consider I work out 4 to 6 days week 2 to 4 hours a day. I admit I do eat some non healthy food but…. I have not had dairy products in over year ( cheese etc … Continue reading


It is amazing what the loss of 10lbs can do in a yoga practice.   Took two weeks off from Yoga lost 10lbs and then went back to Yoga Monday, Deeper stretches, easier balance….   Very happy.      

Want and Need?

I think this escapes me.  You see I got this nice Jade yoga mat with great traction but it had no cushion and then those fiend’s at my studio unveiled this Manduka mat. Well I needed that mat. It was not just a mere want. Think this is bad karma to be gluttonous? No because I … Continue reading

What not to eat on a Yoga break

Needed a break. Knee was hurting dog’s were lonely had a host of things to do. Eating alone and having time. Well going to Denny’s is a bad idea. Taking my daughter and her friends out for doughnuts is also not a good idea when you eat yourself a half dozen.  You know the dangers … Continue reading

Why? Should be easy BUT NO!!!!

Does this pose kick my butt? The hard ones I can do but something so simple fills me with dread.    

30 days and beyond

Well the thirty days have passed. I decided to go ahead and buy 6 months unlimited classes. The studio where I go in Kansas City had a really good deal for it. I like each one of the instructors. I’m comfortable there it is a routine that would be good for me. I have enough … Continue reading

Day 27, Tadasana (Kemst þó hægt fari)

Kemst þó hægt fari (goal is there even if you move slow) Well today was day 27 of my 30 day challenge. To be honest 23 days of hot yoga with 4 days off due to something or another. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the 6 months of unlimited classes. To … Continue reading

Weekend Madness: Day 11 and 12

Really it is just Sunday madness which started as soon as I awoke. All those things you plan for in life or avoid or don’t want to think about. Yes those fun things happened. Friends of my mother missed her for the Sunday ritual of walking at the mall. Eventually I got the word, to … Continue reading

Day10? confused

I have a question maybe someone out there can answer. When it is final Savasana in class I have one instructor that makes her rounds to everyone in Savasana. She will stand with one leg on each side of you place both of her palms between the pectoral muscle and the deltoid muscles. Then she … Continue reading

Day 7, take back 3 which would have made it Day 10

Energy: Tons of energy today, endurance is also better but not where I want it to be. Back on the wagon from two days off. So this was day seven in 10 days. Jackie had our class today. Jackie is super tough but I’m really starting to like her. That style of hers grows on … Continue reading