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Bikram Hot Yoga Clearing the Air

I do swear by the style. I do not doubt the benefits from Hot Bikram Yoga. Bikram or Hot yoga has done wonders for me. Agility, stamina, vitality,  my endurance is better now than it ever was. My skin, my weight my breath is even pleasurable. I give credit to this style and Iyengar Yoga.  However there … Continue reading

Le Mont-Saint-Michel vu du ciel

Originally posted on Urbabillard:
Le Mont-Saint-Michel, perché sur son rocher, vit au rythme des marées et semble parfois flotter au milieu de la baie. Lorsque la mer monte, le village médiéval dresse ses murailles contre les flots. Nous vous proposons de survoler ce patrimoine mondial inscrit à l’UNESCO alors que le niveau de l’eau est…

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Back in the Saddle

Took about a ten months to years break in Yoga. The tear in rotary cuff was not fun and last October through November I could barely use the arm in Yoga. I did not want to go the surgery route so I rested the arm. Feels good now and picking things back up. Still pretty … Continue reading

Photos that will make you want to plan a trip to ICELAND (22 photos)


Kiss your Heritage Goodbye

Originally posted on Ed Mooney Photography:
Coolbanagher Castle via Google Street Veiw Please forgive me for this post as I may rant quite a bit. Words cannot describe how angry this has made me. On 24th Febuary 2014 after suffering damage during a storm 10 days earlier, Coolbanagher Castle  an early Medieval Tower Hall, built…

Whoever Said That All Bikers Are Bad?

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There is a negative stigma that is attached to most motorcycle gangs. Many people consider these riders as crude, unthoughtful, vulgar, callous, tough and generally greedy individuals. So, when I found this little “photo story” I thought that it would be a beautiful story to share. I hope it…