Bombadil new to the Family

We adopted another. This boy is not shy in anyway shape or form. Elmindreada and him hit it off right away. They run and run and wear themselves out. Then they sleep He is sexy and he knows it. Loves toys. Advertisements

Making My Girl Drool

Makes me happy to go home. She always is there and always happy to see me. I just have to mop up after her. Then I have to scratch her belly.

Elmindreada and the Wheel

I had a great time this weekend throwing. loyal company throwing. Spent most of the weekend alone waiting to unload the kiln. Time to listen to music throw, trim and glaze and then some more time. Elmindreada and the Wheel , a photo by *Skeggjold* on Flickr.


Elmindreada, a photo by *Skeggjold* on Flickr. Was sound asleep like this. After only a hour or so at the park.