Day6, day with my Daughter

Well day 6 was with my daughter which no matter is a good day. She went with me to Hot Yoga which I have no complaints about. I have been on her to do something physical for some time. This yoga would not be everyday for her and NOT AT SCHOOL. She is very down … Continue reading

Day 2

Not much sleep thanks to the phone, but I still made it to class. Strange Day: I will explain at the end. Before class I was pretty tight could feel it just after I awoke. Back, legs, chest, arms etc… New day meant a new teacher of which I could not find a picture of … Continue reading

30 Day Challenge

                Used to be super fit.  From biking to running. Eased up too much. Always some excuse prevents or stops me from reestablishing a routine. Money, health, work, family.  Breaking my leg taking my daughter sledding stacks up there with any redneck saying of “hey watch this”. That … Continue reading