Turner’s Beauty

Turner’s Beauty G-200 Feldspar 32 Spodumene 21.3 Whiting 2.1 Kaolin 21.3 Dolomite 23.4 Tin Oxide 6.4 This is very similar to yellow salt. Except the colour is peachy orange instead of yellow. This pictures do not capture that. It will be darker depending on the darkness of the clay. You can see the iron pull … Continue reading

Harding’s Oxblood

Harding’s Oxblood (cone 10 Reduction) Minspar 55 Whiting 13.6 Silica 15.5 Frit 3110 15 Zinc Oxide 4 Tin Oxide 1 Copper Carbonate .5 Bentonite 2 Results I like. Needs at least two dips. (thin glaze) (will edit another Picture in here when I get home)

Pier’s Black Test Glaze

Testing the glaze (cone 10 heavy reduction) Custer Feldspar 42.6 Whiting 4.7 Kaolin 23.6 Dolomite 23.6 Borax 5.4 Cobalt Carbonate 6.6 Iron Chromate 6.6 As you can see this glaze really runs but it looks good to me.

Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino Results

Needs more flux…… Just needs 1% to 3% flux I think. More uniform results. Shino – Cone 10 Reduction Soda Ash 7.25% G200 Feldspar 35.5% Spodumene 32.25% Silica 2.5% EPK 14.5% OM4 8%

Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino

Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino Guerrero’s is a potter who posted this recipe. http://www.flickr.com/photos/guerreroceramics/ He has some wonderful work and I’m trying to reproduce some of his wonderful results. He just needs to be more creative with the names of his brews, so I took the liberty and made this name for it. At least a … Continue reading

Tomato Red Glaze (wonderful result)

A close up of the glaze (cone 10) Here is brew secrets Tomato Red Ingredients: Bentonite:2.00 Grams Bone Ash:13.00 Grams F4 Feldspar:54.00 Grams Red Iron Oxide:8.00 Grams EPK Kaolin:8.00 Grams Magnesium Carbonate:8.00 Grams Flint:29.00 Grams

Ahem No Idea awhat to Title this…..

I have no clue what to write about. I can blather about a lot. Here are something’s I did this weekend. This I hope will fire correctly in the Kiln. Complex as to what I want crawl and deep carbon trapping. However the crawl I want to be in a central area. We will see … Continue reading

Utter Frustration

I have a high stress job. I do not talk about out of sight out of mind when off of work.  I throw clay for fun and as a method of relaxing.   I like the glaze and like to experiment and dabble. My problem is the kiln. Nothing is constant about it. Nothing what … Continue reading

Guerrero’s Red Shino (exp) Results

>First of all I did not follow my plan in detail.   Worst thing that could have happened, did happen. Someone was there to talk to me and totally distracted me.  Like an airhead I did not follow my plan as I detailed before.  A couple of things I did know and recall what I … Continue reading