Turner’s Beauty

Turner’s Beauty G-200 Feldspar 32 Spodumene 21.3 Whiting 2.1 Kaolin 21.3 Dolomite 23.4 Tin Oxide 6.4 This is very similar to yellow salt. Except the colour is peachy orange instead of yellow. This pictures do not capture that. It will be darker depending on the darkness of the clay. You can see the iron pull … Continue reading

Harding’s Oxblood

Harding’s Oxblood (cone 10 Reduction) Minspar 55 Whiting 13.6 Silica 15.5 Frit 3110 15 Zinc Oxide 4 Tin Oxide 1 Copper Carbonate .5 Bentonite 2 Results I like. Needs at least two dips. (thin glaze) (will edit another Picture in here when I get home)

Pier’s Black Test Glaze

Testing the glaze (cone 10 heavy reduction) Custer Feldspar 42.6 Whiting 4.7 Kaolin 23.6 Dolomite 23.6 Borax 5.4 Cobalt Carbonate 6.6 Iron Chromate 6.6 As you can see this glaze really runs but it looks good to me.

Handbuilding with the Flu

At home sick. Some hand building greenware. Well have them bisque and glazed here in a week or two. Box of goodies

Guerrero’s Orange Cream Shino Results

Needs more flux…… Just needs 1% to 3% flux I think. More uniform results. Shino – Cone 10 Reduction Soda Ash 7.25% G200 Feldspar 35.5% Spodumene 32.25% Silica 2.5% EPK 14.5% OM4 8%

Kiln Move

Two weekends of the move. We hope to have it up in running in a couple of months or less. There is always a joker in the crowd… My arms, my legs, my back and my butt are stiff and sore. I would do this again in a heartbeat. This was a killer work out.

Results of the New Mix of Guerrero’s Red Shino

Starting a new batch of Shino. Guerrero’s Red Shino Soda 9.88 G200 44.45 Spodumene 37 Bentonite 2.5 EPK 15 OM$ 12 I will say here everything was perfect or as good as it gets. Just the right amount of water, perfect mix. Very happy here. Took me about 6 hours to make the batch and … Continue reading

Wine Glass Bases

Simple buy a wine glasses, break their stems and with some epoxy cement the glass bowl on the ceramic base. Holiday gift for some people. Here are some bases. Shino Malcom’s Another shino with some good carbon trapping. Meh Meh Shino with a good crawl ( some people like it, depending on where it is … Continue reading


Did not do much this weekend. Holiday and all. What I did do was hand build this. Still green needs to be fired once before I glaze it. I really did not like it tell I corrected a lot of the slopes and curves and angles.

Casserole Dish

Bored this week so…… Not glaze fired yet a little under 15 lbs so might be around 11 lbs when done.