Bikram Hot Yoga Clearing the Air

I do swear by the style. I do not doubt the benefits from Hot Bikram Yoga. Bikram or Hot yoga has done wonders for me. Agility, stamina, vitality,  my endurance is better now than it ever was. My skin, my weight my breath is even pleasurable. I give credit to this style and Iyengar Yoga.  However there is no doubt in my mind the guy at the top is an ASS. His story of Godlikeness has been in the background for years.  For years that guy has also been a arrogant vocal ass. It is difficult enough to find a comfortable place do not need assholes like this to make it worse.

There are so many people I have met in Yoga that are who humble me and are nothing but a pleasure to be around. Then there is a very small minority of the Hollier than thou puritanical self adsorb narcissistic, social whores who really do their earnest to shame the name.

Just read this article. Not bad it is the New York Times and it is low hanging fruit.

If I get slings and arrows for posting this so be it. Those I choose to follow, admire and learn from have my admiration. So this outburst is my karma alone.  Now I need to spend the rest of the day atoning for this.

Yoga on Bitches:) and have a great day


One Response to “Bikram Hot Yoga Clearing the Air”
  1. miss agatha armstrong says:

    This resonates. I recently quit because of a girl who was in the small majority. I have never met a person who swears by the life style more evil and revolting. Thank goodness they are in the minority . Be well dear one and thank you for adding me.

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