All that work for ………..

Just did the cholesterol and BMI challenge here at work.

A bunch of numbers that give giant disappointment.

Consider I work out 4 to 6 days week 2 to 4 hours a day. I admit I do eat some non healthy food but…. I have not had dairy products in over year ( cheese etc )

Total Cholesterol 201
HDL 27 ( wtf wtf wtf this is the one that is so bitter to take)
Triglycerides 346 ( think this number is out of whack, 2 weeks ago it was 166 )
TC/HDL Ratio 7.5

Glucose 86

128 over 88

Pulse 62


My HDL level sucks no matter the diet or exercise. I’m bewildered of how to get that number higher. (cough BS) (what ever )

When it warms up back to running.

This week was snow………… You know you are loved when work buys you the hotel room so you can show up at work the next day. Had a very big snow storm here.

Lonely lovely Hotel Room.


Hotel 2

Outside the Hotel room was this.


One Response to “All that work for ………..”
  1. you got to take Bikram with a grain of salt….
    I just had my cholesterol checked too! The “bad” cholesterol is a tad high…I already forgot the number, I think the Canadian chart is different though

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