Tibetan Monks WorkShop

A clay guild benefit workshop for the Tibetan Monks monastery. Butter sculpture demonstration.


Okay first I had about 20 min notice of this. So I just grab a camera ( forgot my good lenses and all but it is what I had ). Kind of weird when two worlds collide unexpectedly. The Buddhist community only found out the monks would be in town a few days ago. The Clay guild had more notice, but not by much. This was a benefit for the Tibetan monks and a pleasantly relaxing free of stress.


Butter sculpture is another Tibetan Buddhist artistic visual impact. The sacred offering is made from mainly butter and other mineral pigments. Its size varies from several centimeters torma to several meters tableaux, covering a variety of subject including deities, butter mandalas, flowers, animals and Buddhist motifs. Traditionally, butter sculptures are displayed on monastery altars and family shrines as offerings.



Here are some examples: ( again no detailed pictures forgot my zoom lenses )





Okay those pictures up there are the business side. Good examples but these pictures here show you more.


This girl here her name is Anna and she has been going to the clay guild since she was just about preschool age. Made me smile to see this. One on one interaction and she was all ears and eyes. Well these guys had the patience of (Monks) with her. This was special.



I gave a tour of the facilities with this Monk. ( with very limited language skills of English on both of our parts)


The point of the night was a benefit for the monastery. They had some items for sale. I wanted one of those singing bowls.


I do wish I would of had some better notice. I was about to turn in early for the night.

The Tibetan Monks were very appreciative of the clay guild hosting the event and the clay guild was very appreciative to have them. All in all I think the benefit raised better than expected . However nothing in my opinion can beat the networking and interaction that happened.

The Monks will be staying here for a day or so.


Hastily written and posted.

2 Responses to “Tibetan Monks WorkShop”
  1. I.M. Pangs says:

    That looks relaxing.

  2. Oneika says:

    Looks like a great night. How amazing!!! Can you play the singing bowl. I just got one and it’s a lot harder than I thought… Namaste!

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