Relationship Acceptance

In reality the definition of the word is not so glamorous or beneficial. The true definition is simple exhaustion and or abject surrender. The realization of that is curiously haunting. Under no circumstances can you relate that or inform the other side of the relationship that you have come to acceptance.  Otherwise the pyrrhic flames will just burn hotter.  The haunting part is once you realize all of this you can almost watch like a third party, the train wreck car crash that is unfolding. Only bright side is acceptance is the last stage of this morbid dance.

We really do say so much in just a few words.  It is inflection of their voice or that deadly pause between words. Watching the shifting of their body as replies begin, or that unable to directly face you. Then there are the eyes and they betray us most of all.

Just venting that is all.  It is almost surreal finding equanimity in the tempest of this.  Wishing for the best and hoping, but remaining balanced rather I want to or not no matter the rue of it all to me. ( translation: this is hell and this sucks but I’m okay )


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