What my Work is

Re-Certified last night. I do this every three years. Makes me a glutton for punishment and abuse. Close your eyes if geek porn might offend you.


Here is a picture of my Cell:


Facing the cell ( these pictures are old notice the monitor ) Now days we have flat screens. No cube (cell) is proper unless it has the Roller Derby schedule for the year on it. My daughter picture on my desk.


Needed my sugar high at work for a long time just to survive the night.









Now if you are really really bad into the dungeon you go. Yes I spend a lot of time in here. Why my cell err cube is in front of the door.



One Response to “What my Work is”
  1. onesadhaka says:

    LOL, I used to be a CCNP/CCDP in my old life. Sure glad I traded it in for yoga. Was sure fun geeking out for a bit, though : )

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