Rough Week and Then

Was a rough week starting with last Friday each day more mirth bounds forward. Today these pictures show what happens to a Scion in the middle of 6 car pileup. Not mine but it is the significant others. No injuries to speak of. Maybe a little sore in the morning.


One bad sign is the door do not open with ease and now do not close either. ( Bent frame )


The person never slowed plowing into stopped traffic. His insurance is Snake Farm err I meant to say State Farm. Oh and even better when I was on the phone with my own insurance agent he told me that Friday would be his last day with Farmers insurance. I pay more money just to have an agent and now this.

One glimmer of light the dogs were so excited with car open waiting for a ride. Made me smile on a crappy day so very happy I have both of them in my life.


I know it is a Karma thing and I’m also glad that everything this week that got burned defiled and stepped on is either insignificant or replaceable. My focus and direction has been bent and very negative lately. No good reason either for it. So I’m grateful this. Also grateful that no one was hurt.So going to turn this around and make a lemonade out this lemon. Can not get mad it just is not worth it letting that crap in.

Here is better way of looking at it. Bombadil getting a ride.


It is all behind me.

This spring I began working on the blight in my back yard. Soon it will be a stoned in raised garden. Oh that is my nephew playing football.


The cinder blocks will not be seen and it will look similar to this. The red circles, the one with the arrow pointing to it was ring I did several years ago.


Before all that started it was just a debris pile of sticks and limbs. Shown here in the winter,

back w

Soon hopefully full of life like these two. The first ones I made years ago.


Now off to read about my Tronto’s babes blog post. Have a goed weekend all.

4 Responses to “Rough Week and Then”
  1. accidents are never fun to be in and this car doesn’t look to good….

  2. I.M. Pangs says:

    Good attitude. Those dogs really want to go for a ride!

  3. wow, poor Scion, hope she is ok though, sometimes the injuries show up later….
    and what a nice garden!

  4. teyahdreams says:

    Am very happy no one got hurt.

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