Found the color


I found the only color I want on my back besides the black and gray I have now.

Raku night (pottery firing) I saw lady there I kind sort of knew. She had a bird and the color of it was BINGO just what I wanted.

The tattoo is what it is for her not me. However the color was just what I wanted. So I have a picture of it and hopefully I can get it matched.

Just giddy I got the picture:)


Blue Bird

She is in the center. Very grateful she let me take the picture of the bird.


Oh and here is the Lady who hurts me putting the ink in me. ( very heavy hand ) Her name is Wendy.


My TattooLINK

So July I should get another 10 hours of pain from Wendy and her heavy hand.

Here is a picture of Raku night. A pottery guild has a bi annual fund raiser raku firing. Very fun keeps me sane from my normal computer nerdom.


One Response to “Found the color”
  1. godtisx says:

    Beautiful color…

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