What not to eat on a Yoga break

Needed a break. Knee was hurting dog’s were lonely had a host of things to do.

Eating alone and having time. Well going to Denny’s is a bad idea. Taking my daughter and her friends out for doughnuts is also not a good idea when you eat yourself a half dozen.  You know the dangers but the aroma is over powering.

Getting back endurance was so lacking. The sweating rolling down me and my arms feel as if lead was injected into them. All the balancing poses tax me beyond my endurance.

It was not the five days it was the crap I ate  during those five days. I have a cheap juicer and lots of aging fruit and little time. Still yet this week I hope food wise to get back into the swing.

Right knee still weak no pain but very noticeable. The area in the back of the knee. Any ideas?

Spent an evening outside drinking lemonade with Jack Daniels did help Tadasna but not the next day’s yoga practice.

Back at 4 days a week of 112 degree fun.

I have to go do my taxes right after practice what buzz kill that will be.

8 Responses to “What not to eat on a Yoga break”
  1. i sent you some messages last week, maybe they are in your spam box?

  2. Oneika says:

    How’s the knee? I hurt both of my knees when I started doing Bikram because I was jamming the knee back instead of pulling up on the quad and using my glutes in standing head to knee pose. Now I’m obsessed about it. Hope yours are on the mend!!!

    • Skeggjold says:

      Ben Gay and soaking it. Still going to yoga but standing stix pose. I felt not pain but something in the back of the knee. Just taking it easy on it. Thank you for asking. How did you get over it?

  3. Great post. I was not laughing at your pain, only your desire to go to Denny’s. That is… I was laughing until you mentioned taxes. Sigh. 🙂

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