Getting To Know The Nordics

This is perfect


Cultural stereotyping is naughty, I know, but let’s admit it; it’s also hilariously true. All the Swedes are of course gay; Finns don’t speak, carry knives and then hex you; Danes eat sandwiches; Norwegians ski everywhere holding a dead fish; and Icelanders bathe in hot springs and eat rotten sharks.

Now read on, or I’ll cast a spell on you after I finish my second breakfast beer and sharpening my knife!

Sweden – the guy who brought you ABBA, IKEA, and HM (all those lovely abbreviations…). He’s a lover of all things beautiful, and the master of packing and selling them to you. He even dared to call meatballs Swedish meatballs. Happy. A bit of a hipster.

Norway – quiet, rich guy. A bit of a peasant compared to Sweden. Skis, hikes, climbs mountains, and extracts oil. Likes fish. A lot. Much like Finland, but slightly happier. Not as…

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4 Responses to “Getting To Know The Nordics”
  1. I.M. Pangs says:

    I have many fond memories of sandwiches.

  2. godtisx says:

    That was interesting…I wish I knew more people from these regions. Then i would know if this is funny (not sure I can tell now). 🙂

    • Skeggjold says:

      Oh it pokes fun at us and it is true in a lot of respects.

      I m from the area where no one else can understand what we are saying. We speak of ghost and trolls and little folk. Omen and fables as if they are real. Which really is very true for Icelanders.

      Thank you for your post

      • godtisx says:

        🙂 🙂

        I just read you are from Iceland? That’s so great! Do you know Bjork and Sigor Ros? Some favorite musicians of mine. 🙂 Oh, you probably get that alot.

        Yes, okay I have heard them speak of those things (in interviews). 🙂

        You are welcome Skeggjold. 🙂

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