Sólstafir – Fjara (Official Music Video)


6 Responses to “Sólstafir – Fjara (Official Music Video)”
  1. godtisx says:

    I like the song, but I think the music video is incredible (my sensibility). =)

    Still, overall effect is super. Amazing…

    • Skeggjold says:

      “Svartir Sandar” is icelandic for “black sands” ( The name of the album)

      Here is translation into English:

      However it is not a good translation.

      Fjara= Beach (but not really, do not think beach but low tide)

      This is the furthest I will go. Never the same again. The vile path calling me, the day I ran from life again. If I win this one time, it will still be the end of me. My belief that nothing ends well. This is the end for me. Day and night heart was uneased. Broken will frozen smile. Riding on, heart pumping tears. Day and night I walk alone. Bones rotting in the earth, like your secrets that you long kept from me. But blood weighs more than silence. Broken words, shards in your mouth, cut deeper than any wound. Broken vows will never be the same. Lies like the unseen bite.

      To me the music is okay the lyrics ( kind of Goth and to macabre for my tastes ) Not really spiritual even though they appear to make it be.

      This one speaks to me however she is a Faroe Girl ( islands near Iceland) She captures the old folk and hidden in her voice and chants. Here is a link

      Thank you for the reply

      Think I will make a post of this. Again thank you for the idea.

      • godtisx says:

        Oh, thanks for the translation. Well you know a good director always tries to elevate his material, so they probably thought by spiritualizing it, it would be more ‘accessible,’ than just leaving it Goth and macabre? But I ….haha…kind of like Goth and macabre material?

        Er…check out my short films…it sort of broadcasts my tastes? 🙂


        Oooo. Good! I am about to watch the new one. Thank-you! For posting….

  2. godtisx says:

    Hmmm, the one that speaks to you is extraordinary (I like the music a little better actually). Her voice is also pretty interesting. What is she saying (English)?

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