30 days and beyond

Well the thirty days have passed.

I decided to go ahead and buy 6 months unlimited classes. The studio where I go in Kansas City had a really good deal for it. I like each one of the instructors. I’m comfortable there it is a routine that would be good for me. I have enough bad habits and routines already need to re balance somethings.

On the way there I decided to immerse myself into other Yoga blogs. To keep my spirits up to keep my motivation to continue. Numerous blogs I clicked like on and even made comments. Here is a list that I decided to follow.

My Shaky Bodhi
( fun down to earth blog about yoga )

Oneika’s Yoga Life
( I can not tell you how much I digg this person. I think she rocks and comes from a place I can relate to. Has good info on her blog from a instructors point of view to. )

my toronto EH
(She is a yogi not so much on the blog but she is. Her style and humor made me stay her …. to me are the best part of my day.)

The Seven Minds
( More Spiritual than yoga but on my list )

Improbable Frontiers
( Has not one thing to do with Yoga at all. Great read makes me smile every time. )

( doing the same thing I do, very easy to relate to. )

( not the yogi, but a kindred spirit with the right vibe )

(not thing about Yoga, all Iceland )

Small Indulgences
(nothing but wonderful food porn )

Veggie Diva’s Kitchen
( all natural food porn)

Anyway that is a sampling so many are here today and gone tomorrow. All those listed are well worth a click.

One Response to “30 days and beyond”
  1. Oneika says:

    Congrats on your challenge!!! You rock! It’s awesome that you have great teachers, that can make all of the difference. And many thanks for the shout out. You’re too kind:) Namaste!

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