Weekend Madness: Day 11 and 12

Really it is just Sunday madness which started as soon as I awoke. All those things you plan for in life or avoid or don’t want to think about. Yes those fun things happened. Friends of my mother missed her for the Sunday ritual of walking at the mall. Eventually I got the word, to my dread. My mother thought it was Monday and drove to where she thought she had a job as a substitute teacher. (retired teacher now subs every now and then) Then she waited in the parking lot for a couple of hours wondering why the school was not opening. Do I want to ask does she have a substitute teaching job Monday? I don’t think I will ask her, better if I don’t know and better if she does not have to tell me for her sake and mine. My Karma took a huge toll in my youth, I guess it is payback time.

I wrote three more paragraphs here but it was such a downer I struck them from the blog. My week will be heavily involved setting up contacts with her friends, getting a gps tracker on her phone. Having one of those talks with my mother. Not going to include much in the talk just a little. I want to be as non threatening as I can be. Little bit at a time. I would rather pee on live light socket than do this.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO enough about this negative molasses. Oh btw if you are from Canada or something and not know what molasses is. Well it is the main ingredient for KC style Bar-Que sauce. Other places use vinegar, ketchup or some other foul elixir but they are apostate and you should ignore them and accept the Kansas city Bar B Que is the only true Bar B que sauce.

I really did need Yoga today.

My sweat is good…… Sorry this is a downer and bummer of a post. Soooooooooooooooooooo let me leave you with a cool story to make you smile. (I hope)

Took my daughter to yoga today and she abhors sweat and to become stinky. So as soon as possible she wants to take a shower. So I hang out in the lobby while she changes and takes a shower in the studio’s locker room. She took a long time a very long time. So I asked her if everything was okay. (Now I warn you she is just now 14)

Her words:
There was another lady in the locker room. So I undressed in the shower stall and took a shower there. Then I dried off in the shower but then I forgot my shirt was on the bench. So I walked out with the towel around my chest and tried to figure out how to put on my shirt without taking the towel off.

MY words:
“well were you successful? Did you show your boobies?”

Her words:
Of course not…BUT she undressed in front of me before getting into the shower………………was her reply….. (she blushed the entire time telling me this)

With a straight face I changed the subject. Her blush was already causing me to look away in fear I would laugh. Once I was that way also.

Now I leave you with this:

I leave you with Elmindreada and this is when she is quietly snoring. Most of the time it is loud. Music to help watch “Walking Dead”

10 Responses to “Weekend Madness: Day 11 and 12”
  1. yes we have molasses here! and use it for bbq also…once when slow roasting a pork shoulder, i substituted the molasses for MAPLE SYRUP and apple cider and it was genius…i get what you are going through with your mom, it’s a very though situation 😦

  2. Oneika says:

    The ugly teaches us just as much as the good stuff. Everything is part of the path to enlightenment. Hope this week is better for you. Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

  3. I.M. Pangs says:

    Life rolls on…good, bad and ugly. That dog snoring is definitely the good 🙂

  4. Not a bummer post.
    A human post.
    Feel for and empathise with you.
    How do you have ‘that’ talk with your parent?
    I never got to, he’s gone now and nearly every day I wish I’d done things differently.
    Your daughter reminds me of myself at that age when confronted with a shower with no door or even a shower curtain at high school after gym class.
    I think I went stinky rather than shower naked in front of everyone or perhaps I wore swimmers, I can’t remember now except that I was horrified.
    I few short years before my mother couldn’t keep clothes on me, I’d be walking around naked as the day I was born.
    Hormones are powerful beasties.
    And just why do I think a dog snoring is so cute (and it is) when back when I was married (so long ago now) my now ex-husband’s snoring was ever soooo annoying.
    Strange creatures humans.

  5. Skeggjold says:

    Thank you.

    Yes I did have a talk with my mother. She accepted it a lot easier than I did. As far as wanting to do things another way. I can relate to you. When my father passed I was still waiting for the right time to talk to him.

    Peace dear

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