Day10? confused

I have a question maybe someone out there can answer. When it is final Savasana in class I have one instructor that makes her rounds to everyone in Savasana. She will stand with one leg on each side of you place both of her palms between the pectoral muscle and the deltoid muscles. Then she will push down and out over the deltoid towards the bicep and triceps. You can feel your shoulder blades flatten against the floor and it does help to relax more. It feels really good. My question is anyone know of any other benefit or benefits besides that of a deeper relaxation?

Why are the harder poses getting more easy and the easy poses getting much more difficult?

Rabbit is killing me.

Anyway off for the weekend I hope ( have to work most of it )

2 Responses to “Day10? confused”
  1. CultFit says:

    Learning to surrender to yourself … There is no easy or hard pose physically, its learning to quite the voice in your mind telling you to question, struggle, push on. Surrender and listen to your breath.

  2. ^^^what they said…also as you are opening up, you’re going to find there will be days where the back bending poses are easier than the forward bending ones, and the next time might be the opposite…no two days are alike, such fun!

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