Day 7, take back 3 which would have made it Day 10

Energy: Tons of energy today, endurance is also better but not where I want it to be.

Back on the wagon from two days off. So this was day seven in 10 days. Jackie had our class today. Jackie is super tough but I’m really starting to like her. That style of hers grows on you.

What kind of sicko thought this pose up. I can arch back and I begin to feel a few muscle start to clench (not in a good way) and then the shakes. So I back off a bit and just wait out each set.

Noticed Changes:

I have a lot more clarity in class. I can focus and get my zen(?) on each pose.

Energy, Energy, Energy I had problems from too much energy (hyper) when it came to Savasana. Just going still was difficult. ( Part of me is happy about this, well no 99% of me is happy about this ) As soon Savasana would begin I used to be like omg I thought it would never get here.

Here are some pictures of the snow which kept me from class for two days. (Very peaceful to look at)

My back Yard about 30+ inches here.



Front Yard



Dog at the bottom of the PIC

2 Responses to “Day 7, take back 3 which would have made it Day 10”
  1. I.M. Pangs says:

    If I must say so, and of course I must, the dog looks rather phallic down in the bottom pic.

  2. haha ^^^ it’s true about the dog
    that camel pose can get emotional

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