Stop, Snow Day or Two

Well 8 to 20 inches is expected.

So when I woke up I just packed and drove to a hotel near work and checked into the room work got me for the next two days. No Yoga, No 30 challenge . Less than a week weather has dropped kicked my challenge goal twice.

Pictures for someone who was envious of the Hotel. Sterile quiet and lonely. I do have wifi so things are at least looking up. Some cool gadgets but no hot tub or sauna or steam room or even a Jacuzzi. So without delay here is the Hotel Porn Pictures.



Snow is coming about 3 inches an hour.



Maybe I should go down to the bar and talk to the barkeep like Jack Torrance did here. He had a grand ole time there.


I hear the showers are wonderful


Hope those creepy kids keep it down so I can sleep.

creepy kids

Sorry poking fun bored tonight for some reason. Oh also missed 418 only by 3.

5 Responses to “Stop, Snow Day or Two”
  1. i am insomniac, hear me roar….but i sleep like a bear in hotel rooms…this one i would never want to leave

  2. I.M. Pangs says:

    I’ve seen far worse rooms 😛

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