Day6, day with my Daughter


Well day 6 was with my daughter which no matter is a good day. She went with me to Hot Yoga which I have no complaints about. I have been on her to do something physical for some time. This yoga would not be everyday for her and NOT AT SCHOOL. She is very down on any school activity. It was hard for her but she stuck it out. When it became too much for her she went into child’s pose. I did not care nor did I correct her poses if they were wrong. I just wanted her getting used to everything. Also to not hear one bad word from me about anything towards her. She hears enough crap from me and I wanted her happy as she could be. I wanted her in a zone free of criticism, let her relax and unwind if she can. She said before today 2 or three times a week. So that is perfectly fine with me. Does not have to be hot can be anything they offer. Restorative, Hatha, flow etc..

After Yoga she found the women’s locker room a bit intimidating. A woman was already showering when she went in. So she entered another shower stall changed there and showered. Then in reverse after the shower. How here clothes staid dry is beyond me. To be 14 again.

Now for the bad news Monday into Tuesday snow. Anywhere from 8 to 20 inches. Work wants to buy me a hotel room. Anyone her remember when we used to get hotel rooms in town for something other than work? Those kind of hotel rooms could inspire me for a decade to come. Most I will get out of the room is the 10 dollar wifi fee work will not pay for. What this means is further craptastic luck on my 30 day challenge.

Here is a picture of my new home for a 2 days. Think I will be bored to death.

crappy hotel

I live 40 miles from work so there will be no commute. This city goes insane with only 2 inches of snow let alone 2 feet.

2 Responses to “Day6, day with my Daughter”
  1. that’s a shame that your crazy weather is getting in the way of your challenge but i am super jealous of that hotel room, there’s probably HBO in there you know.

  2. I.M. Pangs says:

    Storm panic. Gotta love it 😐

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