Day 4, I hurt

Going to hit 7 days. Then diet ( which is already changing a bit ) but I want to drop some pounds in a major way. Not that I fat I’m just vain as hell.

New teacher,Jackie (machine gun) Oh my wow. She kicked my …., I needed to go home and hide. No she starts and sets hard fast past does not slow down and she brings it. No hesitation rather you are new or you are old student. This by far was my hardest class so far. The sets were longer and deeper. Some teachers stay away from the new people she did not. Machine gun is for her tempo and cadence she moves. She is going to be one of my favorites. She gave everyone attention and one in particular one who was hurting. Anyway that is my way of a saying it was her class and nothing bad was going to happen. That included that person leaving happy and well.

Today my blight was Mountain Pose (Tadasana). I just could not stay in it for the full set.

Very tight.sore, tired after tonights class. Going to head to bed about 6 hours early.

Have to wake up very early only early classes on Sat. My daughter wants to go with me. She wants to attend a hot yoga class 2 or three times a week. Anytime with her is a bonus.

I do not eat before class. I will wake up drink some juice but that is it. Anyone else do this?
Reason I’m afraid I will get sick. This maybe the reason for no energy now. Gas tank is on E.

Laundry time now. ( gah I m getting dry no rude. crude immature jokes or comments? ) I sent someone a joke last night and it was so tame. Something is wrong.

Noticed: Slight definition on abs (amen)

2 Responses to “Day 4, I hurt”
  1. true, you shouldn’t before because you will feel barfarrhea…how about coconut water right after, it’s all the rage isn’t it?
    i always found doing laundry after the sweaty yoga the most rewarding part

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