Day 4, hríđ (snowstorm)

Grrrrr Yoga Fix they closed after only 15 inches of snow.

City is a bunch of wimps. I ‘m at work now and 90% did not make it in.

So already I have broken my 30 days on day 4.

Tight did some stretches to decompress lower back. Going to go back in a bit and add more info to day three.

Here are some pictures.

Anna Gabríllé getting buried.

Gab1 snow

Bombadil going for the back attack on Elmindreada

Bomb1 snow

Shoulder to shoulder slam

Bomb2 snow

Elmindreada or just plain Min playing

Min1 snow

Bomb not liking the snow, such a wimp

Bom3 snow


Min snow

Super Wimp known as Bombadil

bom snow

Light a candle for the Huldufólk and us on nights like this so we may know our way to and fro.

7 Responses to “Day 4, hríđ (snowstorm)”
  1. hahaha those are the cutest dogs, who doesn’t love a snow storm?

    • Skeggjold says:

      An English Mastiff (min)
      and Neapolitan Mastiff Bombadil.

      Thank you,

      Well they both are tender (house dogs) don’t like the cold. I say a picture with you and dog.

      • they look tender and sweet, i saw the other photos! my dog is a mutt rescue and is tender too, will NOT go out in the rain but loves fresh snow…our snow has gotten really gross though, all icy and filthy, so depressing

  2. I.M. Pangs says:

    They keep telling me it will snow here. I am still waiting. So is the dog 😛

  3. Skeggjold says:

    I think I know where you are from via the forums of the past. From that I think you are about to get hit and hard with snow. Be safe and take many pictures.

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