Day 1, Challenge 30 days Hot Yoga

30 day Score Poster

Went to sleep knowing as soon as I would wake up I had to get moving to make it to the studio to be on time.

Woke up:
First thoughts: Maybe I can go to a later class. Maybe I could start off with a easier class. Not much of a mental fight it was to shake off those vibes.

Before running out the door:
Could not find my mat, where I assumed it was it wasn’t. Oh well good excuse to buy a new mat.

Arrive at the Studio:
Get to the Yoga studio no water no towel no matt. I know it looks bad but. They tell me I have not been there since May so I get a little discount. Perfect!!! So Water bottle new mat and 30 days unlimited classes cost me 10 dollars more than if I had to buy full price of 30 day unlimited. The studio had these mats and they are a lot cheaper than what is on this website. I do like the mat, good firm grip. Sliding foot can be a real bummer.

green jade mat

Get everything squared away strip down ( it is winter here) to my shorts and top and walk into a 110 degree room. Ughhhhhh.
Spend 15 minutes just laying on my mat to acclimate myself to the hot room. The ratio was not that great but doable. Never ever has been good no matter the studio. Something you just have to live with if you like Yoga.

And it begins:

Shagane is our teacher for the evening. Nice lady full warm rich thick Russian accent helps motivate you to new heights. Very personable and likable and good to the n00b I have become. Correcting me in the Extended Sides Angle Pose. My hips will never ever fully open. You can feel it as soon as you correct the angle. Your muscles have an epiphany once you get the correct posture.

Most all standing poses are a challenge to maintain balance and do the full extent of the stretch. Before the break they were not that much of a challenge.

I did pretty good once I got on my back. I still have a lot of flexibility. When I got to Bow Pose – Dhanurasana my back shoulder area was not giving me the loving feeling. We are all born with a defective body part. My shoulders are the lemons I was given. Will just have to work on them harder.

Savasana came and I melted into my mat. Is not savasana a god send? Breaking my blissful thoughts in examining my faults while in savasna that my endurance and balance needs an awful amount of work.

This week I’m not going to do anything besides go to the studio once a day. Next week I will change up my diet a bit. However I did catch myself eating a banana as soon as I got home (go ahead call me a nerd)

Now 6 or 7 hours later I feel pretty good my back and shoulders are a bit tight. No Jacuzzi, no sauna but perhaps if I wake up early enough I can go to the steam room and loosen up before day 29 yoga class begins. I need to find a masseuse and fast.

29 days to go.

3 Responses to “Day 1, Challenge 30 days Hot Yoga”
  1. Oneika says:

    Do you like the Jade yoga mat? I’m in the market for a new one. I’m on Day 5 of my 30 day. Congrats!!! Cool blog.

    • Skeggjold says:

      Thank you. The jade Mat is good for secure footing. The Gaiam thick mat I have offers a lot more cushion than the Jade does. However I would still take the jade over it for Hot Yoga. You know how mat gets nasty sticky while in use or next use the Jade is not immune to it but handles that problem a lot better than the other mats I have seen.

      Thank you

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