30 Day Challenge

                Used to be super fit.  From biking to running. Eased up too much. Always some excuse prevents or stops me from reestablishing a routine. Money, health, work, family.  Breaking my leg taking my daughter sledding stacks up there with any redneck saying of “hey watch this”. That time off hurt me more than the leg break itself.  I became used to doing nothing and never pulled out of the rut. At least once or twice a year since then I decide to get back into shape. Two or three months I go full blast and then something comes up and breaks the routine. Gave up running for biking, no one to bike with sucks. Daughter has an awesome bike I bought, after the first year biking is uncool and she has never touched it since.  So I left biking for Yoga. I can do this alone.  I do like yoga I like the hot I like the Iyengar, I love the high I get after a class. I just got to get a  routine and stick with it. Reading another person’s blog made me not jealous but acutely aware that physically I have been lacking and slacking.  Mind body and Soul each one demands attention for balance. That rabbit hole spiritually I jumped down I guess is lonely and wants the physical side to join it. This Eightfold Path I understand and I accept it BUT why can things not happen over night? My problem is once I do accept something I jump in both feet first I have never waded gently into the water. I still want to moan that water is cold or choppy. I have not figured that out, yet the mystery of it eludes me to this day.

                So I have been thinking starting next week.  Jump in with both feet.

                30 classes in 30 days of Hot yoga. Get my posture and tone back.  Detox etc…..

                The link below is close to my house and they (showers, steam rooms and lot of other benefits)


One Response to “30 Day Challenge”
  1. That is so great, your studio sounds fantastic…I’ve been on the same fitness path as you, did a lot of running and spinning at the gym then got into yoga, Bikram also! I love it and have done 30 day challenges (and even a 60 day!)…although when I get into too much, I can’t write and I completely lose my sense of humour…?? i don’t know why! So I’ve been doing regular hatha yoga (in a freezing room, ugh, it’s bad) but the discipline of the hot yoga stays with me!

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