Kind of sorta back

Have not been active posting for bit now. This year last was rough my mind was occupied and very confronted. My Grandmother, my godmother and my father passed. Then when I thought I was pretty much invulnerable to more dismay my daughter found ways to keep me off balance, befuddled, baffled and forlorn of comfort. One of those puzzles in where you know all the pieces and where they go but yes the big but you cannot put the puzzle together she has to. Her confidence in herself is low. After a fall in a relationship or something social she does not want to get back up just to go away and hide. No longer wanting to do cross country not wanting the completion. Completion in any form she hides from. Anyway this why I have not posted for a while. She will return to the mend and swing I know just have to wait, hope, and pray.

Out by the ocean, our vacation last year.

Here she is as heartbreaker early this year. Picked out her own dress and had a smile that would not stop. Yes I know we are very pale. 🙂


After my dad we went and just messed around with some clay.

Monster at
monster at1

One Response to “Kind of sorta back”
  1. Thank you for posting and describing your hard year. Consolation to you and your daughter. Their passing must be hard on her too. We also had a very hard year in different ways last year and are so glad for a new year. . . so far, it has been peaceable. That is the word my husband, G., uses to describe what is most helpful in life, especially at this time. I have three daughters who are much older than yours, although I would not say they are ‘grown’ and have gone through very tough times with their tough times in past decades. Stay safe and enjoy the ocean, the clay and your company together. Loved her smile in her sweet dress.

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