Orange Juice FAST

I passed the first hurdle of three days. Regretfully I did cheat last night and had half a cup of green tea. So I’m reading online of rather to continue the fast up to week or 10 days rather than the three I have completed so far.

I do feel the effects I’ve lost weight. I can see it and that is a major sell to continue the fast.

Around the third day you are supposed to see a lot of the detox benefits. I have yet to see them, I will continue looking for them however.

Problem is no one else in my family does these shenanigans. Have to make a green bean casserole tomorrow. Luckily I do not like green beans, but to be around that food tomorrow maybe catastrophic for this fast.

Here’s a link on the subject

The cravings have been extremely intense. Images dance in my head of pork chops to sausage to tapioca pudding and what other devilish delights my mind can create.

One Response to “Orange Juice FAST”
  1. kthorpe says:

    Three days of fasting is intense. I’ve only done it once, and even then I allowed myself an evening meal! I’ll be interested to see your next posts 🙂

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