Results of the New Mix of Guerrero’s Red Shino

Starting a new batch of Shino. Guerrero’s Red Shino
Soda 9.88
G200 44.45
Spodumene 37
Bentonite 2.5
EPK 15
OM$ 12
Making Shino

I will say here everything was perfect or as good as it gets. Just the right amount of water, perfect mix. Very happy here. Took me about 6 hours to make the batch and get it just right.



May replace the photo’s below.

Blown away by the pattern of carbon trapping. It was wonderful.
Shino Results

This was the only colour I got from the shino. I was wanting more reds but. Any colour is in the inside of the bowl also.

Shino Results

More results

Shino Results

Shino Results

8 Responses to “Results of the New Mix of Guerrero’s Red Shino”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    They’re lovely

  2. Gorgeous bowl! Are you putting it on etsy? Thanks also for reading my blog–would you like to link ours to each other?



    • Skeggjold says:

      Thank You!!

      I would but I do not know how.

      • To link my blog to yours, go to your dashboard, click on Links, “add new” and paste in my blog’s URL address (

        On mine, take a look on the right hand column and scroll down to Links: you’ll see that I have added your blog’s address there along with other websites that I’ve referenced in my blog.



      • just added your blog to mine–when you are on the Links site, add the title, then the address of the blog, scroll down and check the categories box entitled Links, then click add-new.

        Good luck!


  3. tygerburningbright says:

    You have some fantastic work. Are you an amateur potter on the weekends? do you use you own kiln, and studio? I saw mostly only Japanese-style ceramics (or at least there American aberrations (or adaptions how ever you see it)) like raku and shino. What other stuff do you find interesting?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back again!

  4. Skeggjold says:

    Yes amateur I’m…

    Well my Flickr has more work in it.

    I throw and glaze in a clay guild. Really what I’m doing is if I see something I like I try to recreate it from clay to glaze.

    Shino’s have my attention right now.

    Thank you very much..

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