The Week:

You ever think once you started to work with the system than against the system that life would be at a steady pace? Instead of an ever increasing tempo?

This week work is good. I will be going on a cruise this winter. My company gives out awards and I have been lucky enough to win. Nice letter and company wide recognition.

(part of the letter to me)

Congratulations on your selection as a North America Circle of Excellence Winner in September 2011! Your selection signifies your demonstration of excellence in one or more of our Company’s core values.

My cell not a bad place but this is home away from home.

Ja now the holidays are here and I have imported from Denmark a case of Blod. ( Danish Mead blend, the best out there)Friends in the right place always help. Thankful my company has offices globally. (snickers)

I had a picture of my dad I will post later, in another post someday. He was over this weekend to my great enjoyment. The only note was I went outside to get or do something and line of cars in my driveway and street ( Thanksgiving day, family ) and his cars engine was still running. They had been in my house for over and hour. He just forgot to turn it off. One of those things you keeps in your mind and pesters you if not gnaws upon you. Nuff said about this and already to much blathering.

I took this picture about 2 years ago. (picture is not that good) Have to love the Ozarks. Good fire
Just a picture of a good friend who I have heard is sick and I wanted to post her picture. Not a lover nothing like that just a friend I enjoy and trust.


She sent me this about a month ago. SO much truth here.


Something good, something that got my mind away from work, family and other news. She is pretty ain’t she.



Yes I do know how to use my hands…… /me snickers

One Response to “The Week:”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    Congratulations! I hope the cruise is to a lovely place with lots of warm, sultry weather and tasty drinks!

    The pottery is lovely as usual. That picture with the dogs though … that made my morning. Too funny!!!

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