Good gosh….

Panic, Store, cook, store, cook, bake, prep, clean, store, cook, panic, cook, reclean, panic more, go back to the store for all the stuff I do not have or keep forgetting and cook some more.

Then all the nutty family shows then the real panic sets in. Then my mother will complain about the meat not enough or not prepared the way she makes it. Then my nutty sister and the trails of the world upon her and her toxic brew of politics. The kids on sugar high, terrifying the dogs and even the neighbors. Then Old Dick arriving and not knowing the level of his voice as he blasts as he dominates the room with it to total surrender. My dad forgetting his hearing aids. Oh and my 40 yr old sister picking the onions out of everything and asking at least twice if there are onions in what ever dish she selects including the pumpkin pie. The Irish drinking the Amish judging. The Swedish and Icelanders looking for glog and avoiding the first two groups. The we come to my nephew snuffing out all the candles and turning on and off lights, with his mother oblivious to his actions. My cousin inlaw and newest boyfriend looking like a lamb to the slaughter. The men are going into one room to watch football and then after 30 min the women following them into the room and then trying to talk over the TV. Then men glaring at the women for gross encroachment on sacred soil and enduring the cruel occupation by the estrogen griefers.

I enjoy the kitchen I enjoy the cooking. As the event goes on and on and on I get further and further away from the crowd and end up in a corner of my own house to escape the madness. Yet every year I hold Thanksgiving at my house. Who is the sadist and the masochist again?.

The when it is all over….. I get to clean and clean and do dishes. Just for the love of God let me have peace when I have to do this.

This week need to plan the menu…..

Past adventures of Thanksgiving






5 Responses to “ThanksGiving”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    Hmmm…I’m doing Thanksgiving for the family this year … It’s been 10 years since I cooked for this Holiday so it should be interesting! Sounds, and looks, like your a pro it though!

    • Skeggjold says:

      The smell of pumpkin and fresh bread and all that food does give me a lot of comfort.

      Good luck on Thanksgiving.. Take some pictures of your spread for us in the Blog world. Make me smile

      Thank you

      • Gillian Colbert says:

        Yes, I love Thanksgiving … for me its sweet potato casserole, hot rolls and apple pie.

        I’ll see what I can do about some pics 😉

  2. My Italian Smörgåsbord (Aka Barbara) says:

    I am so jealous of your cooking station! 🙂 exhilarating post… I do know what you mean. ps: how do I subscribe to your blog by email?

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