My Tattoo

This is a picture of Wendy giving me both the ink and the pain.

Wendy giving me the Ink

Closer picture


And here is the finished 1/3

1/3 Finished

Now you can see 2 circles but there will be 3 kind of like a triangle. The third one will be between the dog paws. I want to put runes within the circles. Hey I’m norsk so it fits. Problem is I have what I want down to for a or 5.


No rush but soon I need to have the three that will be there. The only one that I have real confidence in and where would be the right circle and it would be with this one rune.


3 Responses to “My Tattoo”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    This is looking very nice. What do the runes mean?

  2. Skeggjold says:

    Will talk about these in order they are displayed.

    “torch-rune” Think of fire or a torch. Torch would cast a light to read by, to dispel the darkness, fire to cook, enlightenment, ceremonial fire etc..

    Lagu is the rune of water, and everything connected to water. Water symbolizes emotions, intuition, tears, the subconscious, flow, energy streams and the revitalizing rain.

    Gifu goes by the name “Giftrune”, and concerns mutual and unselfish giving. Gifu represents the ability to sacrifice, to give without expecting anything in return.

    Algiz protection, to strengthen oneself, defend, abate, to stand and to understand why.

    Jara, the rune of seed, growth and harvest.

    /me winks Thank you

  3. Digital Dame says:

    Celt and Norse have always been a good combination 😉 My background is Norwegian (1/2 on my mother’s side) and Irish (dad’s side). That tattoo looks gorgeous.

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