Ahem No Idea awhat to Title this…..

I have no clue what to write about. I can blather about a lot. Here are something’s I did this weekend. This I hope will fire correctly in the Kiln. Complex as to what I want crawl and deep carbon trapping. However the crawl I want to be in a central area. We will see and this is for a Wedding Oct 8. The other is Raku firing I did this weekend. This really worked it has a sister glazed with White Crackle instead of the yellow crackle here. The white survived all the way to the trash can. 50% was good.

(wedding piece Shanar Red then wiped off center, then Pam’s Butternut just on center, then heavy spray over entire object with Malcom’s shino. Hope for some crawl and darking around the lettering of the object)

I hope to post a really cool piece come this Friday of the wedding piece.

2 Responses to “Ahem No Idea awhat to Title this…..”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    The wedding present is sweet. The bowls are lovely.

  2. Skeggjold says:

    We will know in about 12 hours when the kiln shall be opened.


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