Utter Frustration

I have a high stress job. I do not talk about out of sight out of mind when off of work.  I throw clay for fun and as a method of relaxing.


I like the glaze and like to experiment and dabble. My problem is the kiln. Nothing is constant about it. Nothing what so ever. I have been taking detailed notes and adjusting this for that etc. Matter little when the firings are so FAR off from one another.


Examples:  I loved this. So to take care I will show the same glaze same everything except firing dates. This first one below is what I ‘m after. The only change is firing dates.  

 Now this latest firing ( middle of the kiln placement )

Now this one same firing as the one right above also about in the middle of the kiln) The outside shell has the same glaze

Perhaps I need a flogger more than clay. 

One Response to “Utter Frustration”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    Lovely pieces. Unfortunately, I have no advice being completely inept in the arena of pottery, but they’re beautiful.

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