I used to go to Sears, Wall mart, or regular store to buy shoes and never pay over 35$. Yet today I found myself at a running store and bought these guys for 107$. Now I’m having a guilty feeling that I should and could have spent my money more wisely.

The last few pairs have not done so well from Sears or where ever.  My routine is about 5 to 7 days a week I run at last 4 miles.  One day at least 8 miles.  I have the bug and really find myself looking forward to the run.  I consider it my time I can focus and clear my mind have no worries or pressures that I do at work or where ever.  All in pursuit of the glory of my former self that I kick my a** to maintain it or stay as close as I can.  The amount of work it takes and now money know no bounds. (sigh)

Was going to put something in here about diet but that should be another topic all together.

YES I’m vain but vain about weird stuff like this. Should I be embarrassed about that?

3 Responses to “Shoes”
  1. Gillian Colbert says:

    Nah, don’t be embarrassed … everyone needs something. And don’t feel bad about the shoes. I say there are two things that should never be skimped on and that’s your feet and your sleep. Always, always buy shoes that will protect and cushion your feet to prevent back problems and buy the best mattress you can afford. My sneakers were $130 ( and I don’t even run, but they have all that good technology. I have extremely high arches and some feet issues from years of ballet and pointe and consider it $130 well spent, my feet no longer hurt when I walk for long periods.

  2. dianne faw says:

    Here is another way to look at it: what is the cost per wearing or even cost per mile for the shoes? Let’s say you wear them 5 days per week x 56 weeks per year, so that is 280 days per year, but let’s say you skip a few days, bad weather or bad achiles heel. Whatever. Let’s say you run 250 days per year. With those figures it isn’t even 43 cents per day of running. You probably run more more than that from your estimation above. I wouldn’t feel bad about that. Run in good conscience!

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