So begins the Week of …….

Too many things that have to happen this week.

Per my Job I need to upgrade my skill set. So back to school for one more certification cisco (fun networking) So I have to enroll today!!! Money, time for an entire year. This will mean at least two nights a week at school besides lab. With work, school and all no love life at all.

My car died … I have to find another one. Financially I’m okay, just in despair about going to a car dealership and getting a new one. I hate the song and dance of it. No I do not want tire insurance, no I do not want fabric protection. Please do not give me some stupid look once I refuse these once in a lifetime offers.

Thinking of VW Jetta. 40miles each way to work I drive, so I need something with good gas mileage.

My neighbor died I have his funeral this Thursday. He was good to me and I have known him and his family for years. Reality really slaps you in the face at times. He died in his car four houses down. I saw walk down there and walked back. Not till an hour later did I find out it was him. The neighbors myself included this week have bought food, cake, pie, cookies, etc for them and various times we take more and more over. I now include his yard in mowing and trimming.

Look at my watch and it is out of time.

Oh I will have to go to the credit union again….


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