Guerrero’s Red Shino (exp)

Soda Ash 9.88
G200 Feldspar 44.44
Spodumene 37.04
Bentonite 2.47
EPK 17
OM4 13

Adjusted to

Soda Ash 10
G200 44.45
Spodumene 37
Bentonite 2.5
EPK 15
OM4 12

1. Increase Soda Ash by 5% 18.5gr
2. Increase Soda Ash by 10% 22.5gr
3. Increase Soda Ash by 15% 28.5gr
4. Increase Soda Ash by 20% 34gr
5. Adding Nepheline Syenite 18.5gr and reducing Spodumene to 18.5gr 50/50 split of the 37gr
6. Adding Nepheline Syenite 12.25gr and reducing Spodumene to 19.75gr 1/3 2/3 split
7. Adding Nepheline Syenite 19.75gr and reducing Spodumene to 12.25gr 2/3 1/3 split
8. Adding Nepheline Syenite 9.25gr and reducing Spodumene to 25.75 1/4 3/4 split
9. Adding Nepheline Syenite 25.75gr and reducing Spodumene to 9.25 3/4 1/4 split

Pre exp

G Red Shino Bowl

1. More Carbon trap
2. More of a rich kiss of Red (not orange in the shino)
3. More of a sheen and luster upon the surface


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